Oops, I forgot my diary yesterday and nearly today. Let me take quick action to solve this little problem.

Yesterday, I learnt about an important theory, namely 2nd language acquisition, which teach people meaningful lesson: build a pyramid of English from buttom to top just like a infant, link images, actions, and meanings directly to the language itself, then keep on practicing correctly, and all of these result in a relatively sort period to gain the ability of survive in a foriegn country. However, it is not so practicable that everyone can easily apply it without modification. Though, it provides me a new view of examining my methodology.

An effective way of acquiring a foreign language is combined both with time spending on learning methodology and practicing correctly. For me, the effective way is to arrange my schedule and to fulfill my arrangements which is modified slightly when it's not suitable anymore.

I tried to write down SSS and found that more difficult materials are useful to improve English skills. The only point to which I need to pay attention is that I should concentrate my focus on materials itself distinguishing every syllable and meanings of all the sentences.

Keep on going and never give up!


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