After receiving my iPad from my uncle, I tried to use it immediately by logging in my apple account, setting up my options and installing apps which I wanted, which was the most important. thing to do.
I found that the most useful app for me is Notablity, even though it's not free at all, for I can use my Apple Pencil to take notes witm palm putting on my iPad or anywhere regardless of disturbing my focus. Further, with the power of cloud disk of OneDrive, which provides a storage space of topmost 5T within a low cost, everything can be done without too mach free local storage space. As far as I know, a large amount of apps are able to cooperate with each other and utilze the efficiency which the iPad injected.

The only problem is that iPad can be much more costly ranging from 3000 CNY to 8000 CNY with Apple Pencil before purchasing non-free apps. Only buy it with enough reflection, and then you will be surprised by what it will bring you.


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