I completed all the mid-term exams today, and I subsequently knew my scores of Chemistry(89), Physics(90), Biology(78) far beyond my expection days ago. Thinking about my future, and just a few minutes ago, my plan of English learning and education framed more clearly.


  1. Weakness on oral English and listening
  2. Limited scores at school
  3. Undeveloped writing ability


  1. Try to listen to TPO materials and write down everything I just heared about, and keep this for as long time as possible
  2. Learn Family Album U.S.A. as a training of spoken English.
  3. Keep up with the progress of teaching
  4. Try to keep diary and practice by writing TPO independent writing
  5. Calm down despite whatever happend as nervousness can help nothing but distract us from focusing on what we should do

Good night, world.


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